History of the Triborders Intergroup North Sea Convention

The Triborders Intergroup of English language AA groups includes groups from Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. It was decided to hold a Convention in Ostend, Belgium in 1989 modeled on a convention organized by the English language Netherlands Intergroup the year before to give members of local groups a chance to experience a greater AA world.
The Triborders convention became known as the North Sea Convention (NSC) the next year and is today held at the Vayamundo in Ostend, a quality, low-cost family vacation beachfront hotel.
It is located on the North Sea Coast beach easily accessible by public transportation including the coastal tram line, the longest tram line in continental Europe.
It is an English language AA convention with Flemish/Dutch AA and Al-Anon invited to participate. The NSC has often been the largest English language AA Convention in continental Europe with at times up to 500 participants during the weekend.

In recent years, participants have awakened on Saturday morning to discover a huge AA symbol sculpted in the beach sand in front of the hotel. Who creates the Circle and Triangle symbol remains a mystery.

You have to come and participate in the NSC to find your answer!

Years in Service




Some of the things to expect:


  • Over 90 meetings with rooms provided for spontaneous meetings in other languages such as French and German, or other recovery activities
  • Speakers for the three general sessions are local members
  • A ‘sobriety countdown’ is held on Saturday evening
  • Busloads of AA members come over from England and other neighboring countries
  • Informal and impromptu live music sessions on Friday and Saturday nights after the meetings. All attendees are welcome (and invited!) to bring their talents and instruments to participate.
  • A Saturday night disco with a live DJ right after the main meeting

Our Story So Far

The NSC Timeline


Courage to Change

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Jean-Francois/Matt
AA Speakers: Carol, Alan, Sarah, Ron
Al-Anon Speakers: Susanne 


Another Chance

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Bill/Jean-Francois
AA Speakers: Bill, Dany, Max, Michael, Tina
Al-Anon Speakers: Angela, Monique, Rowald


An Attitude Of Gratitude

Location: Online, Chair/Vice: Linda/Mattias, Speakers: Louise, Harry, Bill Ray, Tracey Al-Anon


A Prescription For A Miracle

Location: Online, Chair/Vice: Heidi/Linda, Speakers: Dorien, Karen, Tyler, Ann Al-Anon


Easy Does It But Do It

Location: Online, Chair/Vice: Casey/Heidi, Speakers: Floyd, Jörg, Linda, Michael, Mike 


Half Measures Availed Us Nothing

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Mike/Casey, Speakers: Jim, John, Julia, Levi, Nadine, Rita, Sharon, xxx Al-Anon


To Thine Own Self Be True

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Joe/Mike Speakers: Joe, John, Jo, Karen, Kathy, Tim, Tomasz, Patty Al-Anon, Sabrina Al-Anon, Frank Al-Anon


 Acceptance Is The Answer

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Mario/Joe, Speakers: xxx, xxx


A We Program Of Service

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: xxx/Mario, Speakers: Jeroen, Teressa, Tess, Uschi Al-Anon, Inga Al-Anon


See You

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: ??? Speakers: ???
(Contact us if you have this information)


Language of the Heart 

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: ??? Speakers: ???
(Contact us if you have this information)


Gratitude in Action

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: ??? Speakers: ???
(Contact us if you have this information)


Celebrate Today 

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Nicola/Erik/Dan Speakers: Ralf S., Mary Kay, Juliette Al-Anon


Precisely How We Have Recovered

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Rosemary Speakers: Bill, Rob, Magriet Al-Anon, Esther Alateen


Honesty, Open- Mindedness, Willingness

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Lori Speakers: John D, John R, Pam Al-Anon, Kelley Alateen


We Will Be Amazed

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Karen/Erik Speakers: Mr John, Jacquelyn, Meg Al-Anon, Pia Alateen


Happy, Joyeus And Free

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Dan/UweSpeakers: Rosalind B, Erik, Debbie Al-Anon


We Can

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Dorte/Dan Speakers: Roger W, Ian C, Cindy Al-Anon


The Steps We Took

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Jan/Dorte Speakers: Petfood Bob, Benny, Lina Al-Anon


Extravagant Promises…?

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Thor/Jan Speakers: Lee B, Kate M, Michael Al-Anon


The Courage to Change

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice:Speakers:


A New Freedom

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Mildred/Thor Speakers: Lothar G, Sharon S



Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Done R. Speakers: Karin G & Pravin, LeAnn C. Al-Anon


We Move On

Location: Vayamundo Ostend, Chair/Vice: Cathy O/Nancy M Speakers: Phil K, Nancy M


I Had no Idea

Location: Sparrenduin, Chair/Vice: Mario Speakers: Grateful Graham, Dora M


Seaside Serenity

Location: Sparrenduin, Chair/Vice: Steve R/Bill M Speakers: Charles G & Don R, Linkan Al-Anon


Sobriety by the Sea

Location: Sparrenduin, Chair/Vice: Gudrun Speakers: Mick & Phoebe, Jacqueline Al-Anon


Getting Better Together

Location: Sparrenduin, Chair/Vice: Mallory/Gudrun Speakers: Al H, Rick S


Today I have a Choice

Location: Sparrenduin, Chair/Vice: Jeff/Cathy O Speakers: Jimmy S


But for the Grace of God

Location: Sparrenduin, Chair/Vice: Kelley / Sandy Speakers: Bill R


A Vision for You

Location: Sparrenduin, Chair/Vice: Harry H/Steve R Speakers: Harpal, Jon Al-Anon


Carrying the Message

Location: Sparrenduin, Chair/Vice: Sandy Speakers: Bill G, Huub Al-Anon


Taking Action

Location: Sparrenduin, Chair/Vice: Jacques & Florent Speakers: Markus, Mario


Keep it Simple

Location: Zeesicht, Chair/Vice: Bernie M Speakers: Polly, Francine Al-Anon


Location: Zeesicht, Chair/Vice: Nonkel M of Bruges & California Charles


Location: Zeesicht, Chair/Vice: Florent/Jacques/Baudouin/Nonkel Speakers: Jacques

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